Tuesday, May 1, 2012

:: Slow Living :: April 2012 ::

I am joining in again for Christine's SLOW LIVING - Month by Month 2012 this month to take stock of what I've been up to, and reflect on the positives. Aw, gosh, I hate to be one of those people who say they are busy, and I guess we are not so much busy, as... sick of thinking, of making decisions, or arranging things and neglecting a lot, while my husband changes jobs and goes into contracting. I know these will be positive changes, but this hasn't been a slow month, though being unwell and exhausted for the last few weeks saw me do very little of anything productive! It was good to be on school holidays though, to avoid the morning rushing, a couple of days the kids stayed in their PJ's all day, and they played together so well.

SLOW LIVING - April 2012

NOURISH: I have been dosing myself up on coconut oil (for it's antiviral and antibacterial properties), Manuka honey (antibacterial), Executive Vitamin B tablets (to counteract stress), Evening Primrose capsules (anti inflammatory), as well as hot lemon & honey drinks, in between loads of cups of tea. I haven't been making any other changes in regards to The Year of Nutritiously, just trying to keep some basic healthy meals on the table, like omelettes with gravaldax, goats milk fetta and rocket (above), though I must say when we are eating that, the kids are eating 'brinner' (breakfast for dinner). Hmmm.

PREPARE: The Bowhunter is still waiting to sit his Bowhunting Proficiency Certificate, but just as well it hasn't happened yet, with all this other stuff going on! What else? Um, I bought a couple of solar shower bags, you know those black camping ones, that would come in handy in an emergency (with no power or gas) providing there was sunshine! More so, I just wanted to put a couple of hooks in our North facing brickwall, hang the bags for the day, and get some free hotwater to add to baths or wash up with. We get some nice sunny days even in Winter here in Canberra, even if sometimes it can take until midday for the clouds to lift! We bought a couple of canvas tarps too, one to cover the chook tractor in Winter, and a second to have on hand for emergencies, such as window breakage in a storm. We have tarps, but these ones I bought on eBay are solid heavy duty, long lasting, all purpose tarps.

RESOURCEFUL (MAKE THE MOST OF): The category was reduce but I don't know if we have been doing much of that lately. I've been making the most of the abundance of parsley (flat leaf, and curly) in our garden, making a big batch of gremolata and froze it in ice cube trays. These will go into a container to be able to add a couple to soups or casseroles or omelettes during Winter. I also harvested some beetroots and used the stalks, as well as the root. We also re-used some old cement garden edging, to edge our sheet mulch garden bed, that had been sliding down a bit on one side, and now is slightly tidier!

GREEN: A couple of things that are definately not 'eco' in our household (amongst all the things we have changed), despite trying & trying alternatives, are deodorant and toothpaste. I've tried different 'natural' toothpastes, as well as using just bicarb in the past, but in the last few years, I developed sensitive teeth and have been stuck on a sensitive commercial full-of-crap toothpaste... however, I thought, hey, it's time for a change. All these other nutritious changes I am making to not put toxins into our bodies, so I checked out options, and I found there is in fact a 'natural' toothpaste for sensitive teeth on offer these days! Is it any better for me or the environment, I don't exactly know? I also bought a kids Jack & Jill toothpaste for the kids too, as reading about fluoride, hmm, makes me not want my kids ingesting it! Deodorant, well, let's just work on one thing at a time, shall we!

GROW: In Our Garden at the Moment, we have lots going on, even if not that much is coming out of it! I am pretty excited about our cool season vege's this year!!

CREATE: I haven't had a chance to work on any photography skills. I did finish felting some old wool cardigans that I'd half ruined by machine washing them. They'll be made into an owl softie, and a robot softie in Winter. I don't think I've created anything much, though I'd like to have done some crochet or sewing during the holidays, and when I was 'resting', but my brain just can't take anything else on at the moment! I played card games on the laptop instead!

DISCOVER: I have discovered that a broody chook can put the others off laying too! I'm reading some, but I think my best discovery of the month is Wayward Spark (and yes, this is the third time in a row I've linked to her!) With thanks to Throwback Road for linking to her, who is also a great discovery too.

ENHANCE: I guess you could say we've been enhancing our own lives, with my husband changing jobs. Working from home for the last 4 years has been wonderful in so many ways, but the amount of overtime, the pressures and expectations of the company he's been with has so outweighed the positive. It's been like this on & off for years, and this new position just came at the perfect time.

ENJOY: Earlier in the month we got to enjoy the lovely Autumn weather. The school holidays was a nice quiet affair, no rushing about, no urgent garden or preserving jobs, some treats and time together.