Thursday, May 10, 2012

:: Passion & Radishes ::

What have radishes got to do with passion I hear you ask? Or maybe, what has passion got to do with radishes? Nothing, in particular. But today I wanted to talk about one of my passions, and I happened to have photos of French Breakfast Radishes. Plucked fresh from my garden, and consumed with little more than a plunge under running water and the abrupt dismissal of the green part (off to the chooks) and the roots (into the compost). They were crunchy, spicy and extremely fresh. (Poor buggers, didn't know what hit them). You see, if you didn't already know my secret, I love vegetables. I actually love food in general, and sustainable, organic, local, ethical, real, heirloom, home grown, home cooked food in particular. While I'm a johnny-come-lately to growing my own produce (only about 2 1/2 years of 'serious' food growing), what I am learning is, well, everything. What I lack in brilliance in the kitchen, I make up for it in creativity, resourcefulness and complete lack of pretentiousness. I like to eat, but it is oh-so-much more than that. I like to explore, to create, to enjoy, to look, to combine. To take a recipe, often completely dismantle it, putting it back together however I like and producing (98% of the time) something delicious. Food magazine worthy? Probably not, but I am not putting it in a magazine, I am putting it in my mouth. And those of my family.

I think my foodie thing comes from not only seeking flavour, but I am a real mouth-feel person too. I also like not just what food does to my tastebuds, but what it feels like to my whole mouth. I like texture, no, I need texture. I like texture combinations, and I often crave lettuce, for the crunch, which I think pairs nicely with mashed potato. While I do like raw vege's, but if cooked, crisp and colourful. Not just vege's, mind you, all foods. I like hot, spicy and temperature-wise. I like zingy, zesty, salty, caramelised, sour, and at times, a little bit of sweet. I like full flavours and feels, smooth, round and full fat. But what makes me enjoy my food even more is knowing where it came from. Knowing what went into producing my meal, and feeling like I did the best I could, to honour and respect and be grateful for what it takes. And to make it nutritious as possible too. It's a big ask, not something I can say I commit to in every morsel of food that enters my mouth. No, certainly not. But, for the occasional *ahem* sins, I make up for it with my passion to get it right. I keep on striving! That's why I love finding a blog like A Fresh Legacy, who at first glance seems just like me (with a better looking blog!) And discovering a recipe like this (when I have home grown pumpkins on my back table). Or learning from sites like this (I lacto-ferment in a Pickl-It, by the way). Not to mention collecting ideas, recipes and gorgeous photos here.

How about you? Do you feel passionately about food? Something else? Have you been able to pursue your passion lately? Do you like radishes?