Tuesday, May 29, 2012

:: The Chicken Diaries :: Chicken Play Pen ::

What is this? I can see the outside where we forage and dust bathe and get into mischief, but ahm, nope, I can't seem to get out. Did they think we needed to be shut in like this? We are free-range birds! Free range. Free. A chicken 'play pen', that's a bit rude isn't it. Treat us like we are toddlers, who need to be kept safe for our own proctection. Or maybe they didn't like those nibbles we kept taking of the Winter greens? Maybe they didn't appreciate us demolishing the bottom of the comfrey patch with our dust bathing? I don't know about you girls, but I am going to work out how to get out of the play pen, this so-called chicken run, even if I have to fly over.

While I figure it out, let's take a look around, sisters. S'quite spacious I guess. Hmph, it does feel safe and cosy, I s'pose. But hey, I can jump & fly up onto the edge. I'm freeeeeee! Not quite. Anyone would think she'd been spying on us out the window of the new computer/ sewing room, she got out here so quick. Maybe I shouldn't have yelled that cry of freedom, she wouldn't even have noticed. Well, if she was smart she would have worked out the best way to put a roof on this thing by now, one that will keep the next door cat out, but not catch us up in it when we try to esc... I mean, stretch our wings. Didn't she know that putting this lucerne bale in here would just make it easier for me to jump up there? Even when she took the bale apart after my first escape attempt, I can still get up there, you know. If I wanted to. Which I don't. And what is with all this lucerne around the edges? It's like a poultry hoe-down in here. Take your partner by the wing... and dosey-doe. Ahem, don't mind me. Psst, Spotty, stop dancing. Silly humans, maybe that cat will use it to get in, not that it comes around much anymore. Or do they think it's going to make it all protected and cosy in here? Hmph, well, I guess it is cosy. And we can go back into our house anytime we like. Not that we're going in there to nest and lay eggs, mind you. No way, tricked those silly humans with that caper, didn't we!

Hey, Princess, what are you doing, girlfriend? You can't eat that. Ooh, yum, hang on, you can eat that! It is tasty and fun, and good to scratch in and kick around. Soaks up the poops well too, covers the scraps. I can see her spreading it out, she's not as dumb as I thought. S'pose they think it will build up over Winter, then make a good area for a garden bed next Spring, once it's matured and they move this play pen contraption. Guess they'll move it into the shady corner down there, it's too cold for Winter down there, but it will be perfect come the warm weather. I did like dust bathing under there on those hot days, was lovely.

And what is this? They can shut the door back into our house if they want! I do not like that! Our food is usually in there, though I guess there are tasty scraps out here now, that they'd like us to eat first. And if my sister, Princess, starts going on with that broody business again, she can be kept out of the nest. Luckily she snapped out of this time, and wasn't too grumpy or crazy about it all. I know they didn't like that it put us all off the lay. I can tell you, I did not appreciate her taking up the favourite nesting box all the time. By jinky, I didn't! But it's OK, they don't shut the door anyways, and it is so easy for them to let us out into our chicken run in the mornings. We get more 'outside time' this way, but only if she's home and spying on us out that sunny window she is so fond of now. I sort of feel neglected, now she isn't following us around all the time, shooing us out of places. I mean, sure, we get to roam and scratch and dust bathe more this way, and we still get to go all the way out sometimes too. Guess we should be happy, I mean it's only taken them months to figure out the best way to do it. Still, shouldn't be too hard on them I guess, I hear they have brains the size of peas.

Yours truly,
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