Tuesday, April 10, 2012

:: Winter Ideas & Plantings ::

The days are getting shorter and colder around here. We had some lovely days over the long weekend, and we visited a local park while the sun is still warm enough to run around in short sleeves and bare legs. Even though I am not fond of the really cold weather that is coming, I adore Autumn with all the leaves changing colour and falling off. Sometimes I see such a beautiful pile of fallen leaves in shades of burgundy, orange, rust, yellow, pink, magenta, brown and more... I want to scoop them up and take them home! We have our own leaves from our stone fruit trees starting to fall everywhere, making it messy but lovely all at the same time. The days can be so delightful, with hints of chill poking up in the mornings and evenings. I want to embrace it, I do. I just need to get a few things sorted this year, like decent pants or at least, some thermals to wear under long pants. I want to make it easy for us to occupy the warm side of the house, too. When my husband isn't working from home anymore (probably in a few weeks time) I am going to move my little boys bedroom to where the office currently is. Then I can set up his room, the fourth bedroom which is the smallest one but it receives such warmth and light in Winter being North facing, as a sewing/ crafting/ photographing/ playing room. It doesn't hold much, but when the kids were sharing Miss M's room (they wanted to do it), and I had the sewing machines in the 'spare room' and some of the toys, it was a cosy place to hang out in Winter. We can see the chooks, the main garden, the blue sky, all from a warm place. The other side of the house can be so cold, and we try to only use the central gas heating for bathtime, and some of the really freezing mornings. It makes sense to occupy the warm side of the house. Maybe I can put a comfy chair in one corner, what a lovely place to read and start up my crochet practice again. Hmm, I can't imagine it will all fit, but anyways, it's a nice idea to ponder.

Talking about Winter and the coming cold season, this is what I've planted so far: Snowball Cauliflower, Italian Sprouting & Royal Dome Broccoli, Champion Purple Top Swede, Golden Globe & Gold Ball Turnip, Touchstone Gold & Chioggia Beetroot, Evesham Special Brussels Sprouts, White Belgian, Baby & Topweight Carrots, Purple Vienna Kohl Rabi, Georgia Southern Collards, Red Russian & Dwarf Blue Curled Kale, Salad White Mustard, Rainbow Chard & Fordhook Giant Silverbeets, Rocket, French Breakfast Radish, Coles Dwarf Broad Bean, Purple Podded Pea, Greenfeast Peas, Oregon Sugar Snowpea, Climbing Sugarsnap pea, Germidour Garlic, Italian White Garlic. I also have onions to put in too. I'd like to throw in some fennel and parsnip too, but not sure I have any more space left! Now I have Winter greens coming up in the sheet-mulch garden bed, which is between the Doughnut Peach and the Cox's Orange Pippin apple, I have to keep shooing the chooks out of it when they are having free-range time. It might be time to build them their own permanent chicken run area, and start a deep litter method in it, to keep them warm too.

Are you preparing for a change in the seasons? Got some ideas to make life more comfortable?