Saturday, April 14, 2012

:: What In The World Are? :: Scarlet Runner Beans ::

This is the first year I've grown them, and I was late getting these started, as the first packet I had didn't germinate. They sent me another packet with my next order, and soon enough the beans had taken off anyways. They are perennial and will come back from rootstock, apparently. You can eat them as fresh young green beans, but ours were very furry, then all of a sudden, they were huge. I decided to leave them to fatten and dry on the vine, to store them as dried beans. I am now starting to pull the dry pods off the vine, and these are some of them. The beans inside are so pretty!

"'Scarlet Runner' syn. 'Seven Year' bean is an heirloom variety with long, flat dark green pods with good eating qualities. An added attraction is the scarlet flowers. It can be treated as a perennial, shooting back from the rootstock every year. Best for cooler areas, it may fail to flower and bear well in warmer areas". From here.