Friday, April 27, 2012

:: In Our Garden At The Moment :: Mid Autumn ::

I am almost over this darn head cold. Let's hope that is the last one of the season, because I am a painful patient. I hate being sick. I like to be productive, well, at least have the energy to act on my creative impulses and crazy pursuits, and pretend to have the housework under control. I like to go to work (where I look after other people, being an RN), not dither and dather about, 'Should I call in sick? Maybe I could just take med's and toughen up? I don't want to pass this around. I do want to get better. I don't want to let anyone down. I need to put myself first.' But I am learning how to accept that minor illnesses do happen, and how lucky I am that it ain't forever, just a few days or so. Get over it, baby. I've been resting, but I did tear myself away from my new found blog-love, Wayward Spark, today to go take some photos of what is going on in our garden at the moment. Come and see...

A few strawberries. I just like the way they look in the wine barrels really!

Loads of these leaf-hiding spiders everywhere. Not sure what they are, but I hope they eat the pests, so I try not to disturb them.

I have the whole sheet-mulch garden bed covered in Winter greens this year. Last year I had some in the hugelkultur garden beds out the front, but we are thinking of sorting that ever-growing mess out this Winter. I love greens, so have rocket, collards, red russian kale, blue dwarf kale, mustard, silverbeet and bok choy. Obviously I am going to thin these out (and eat the thinnings), though the chooks have already been helping with that!

Go pale green zucchini, you can do it. Give me a couple more zucchinis before the frosts come!

I don't know what you are, or where you think you are going, but it's going to be Winter soon and a frost is going to come along and knock you off before you even produce and I see what in the heck kind of cucurbitae you are. Could be the cucumber seeds I planted in this area way back in Spring, which never eventuated. Once I cleaned up the garden bed, added some cow manure and put the garlic in, all sorts of things started coming up! This one is reaching out, reaching...

Carrot. Pretty. But not much bang for your buck. One vegetable, and you can't even eat the top. Maybe you can? These have been planted as companions for the garlic.

Sadly, the raspberries are slowing down now. We've had a really good harvest with the Autumn fruiting of our Heritage raspberry. See you next Spring!

Herbs, lots of herbs. I should cook with them more! I did harvest heaps & heaps of flat leaf and curly parsley the other day. I made a big batch of gremolata to freeze in ice cube trays, to have a burst of zesty fresh & Vitamin C rich condiment over Winter (in soups or casseroles). I did this when I should have been resting. But I was afraid of missing it, after our basil being mostly ruined by frost last year... as I was waiting for the weekend to process it into pesto, but the frost came on Friday! I don't know, maybe parsley can tolerate frost, but I wasn't willing to risk it. The lovely sage plant came from the swap table at the last Urban Homesteading Club get together, thank you kindly!

I did poorly with chillies and capsicums again this year. Sad. I had big lactofermented salsa plans. I ended up buying some seedlings from Bunnings in late Spring, but they were either crowded by the tomato jungle, or got nibbled by the free ranging chooks. However, The Bowhunter pointed this little beauty out to me the other day! I only left the capsicum there in amongst the Winter greens because I felt sorry for it. A few last minute chillies have come up too.

Broad beans. In a wicking worm bed this year. Mmmm, love to eat them young!

Silverbeet. Love it, eat it in everything, haven't had any growing for a while, so sad, no excuse for it really!

Mustard greens! Did I mention I like greens! I am sort of entertaining this fantasy of having my own mustard seeds to preserve with next year. This could be along the line of the grow your own sunflower seeds or chia of fantasy. Maybe.

Leeks. There are leeks coming up everywhere. Need to harvest some and use them, so the others can grow big and fat. The leeks I have, including the ones growing in strange places came from a big leek flower/ seed head I shook vigorously around the place into the 'perennial' garden beds, and they happened to grow. That's just the way I garden, baby!

Asparagus. I bought seeds way back when I was dreaming of perennial vege's and just getting into the whole urban homesteading gig. Little did I know you should probably buy 2 year old crowns and plant those for a headstart, instead. Then a couple of years later, I still hadn't built the permanent asparagus bed, so figured, by the time I do & by the time I buy those 2 year old crowns, I may as well just plant some darn seeds. They have taken off like a shot. However, it's going to be a slow process and I just know as soon as we get some spears we can harvest, that's when we'll need to uproot all the perennials to build some decent garden bed structures there!

Garlic, garlic, garlic. Yay! It was playing hide&seek there for a while. Now this is one gardening fantasy that I am going to make come true this year. Last year I had one or two tiny heads of garlic. This year I am growing proper bought seed garlic bulbs (germidour and Italian white) and I am going to be braiding some serious garlic come harvest time. I am.

So, Autumn may be here and Winter on it's way, but there is lots going on in our garden at the moment! How about yours?