Saturday, January 21, 2012

:: In Our Garden at the Moment :: Mid Summer ::

I borrowed my Mum's camera (exact same one as ours) and am using my husband's work mobile broadband, but I thought it was a good time to do a post about the garden, seen as it is in full swing at this time of year! We are harvesting Golden Nugget pumpkins already, they grow so quickly, but I recall they don't have a lot of flesh in them. Do you like my $2 op shop basket too? I do... makes me feel like some sort of glamorous garden goddess, out doing the harvesting!

The bees are doing their thing! The big yellow zuchini and squash flowers must be so delicious for them.

First attempt at growing edamame/ soy beans, but a few got eaten as seedlings, though a couple of them are doing OK. Just a little slow...

Our first year of growing corn, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed the 'browning' silks, so pulled the husk back to see if they were ready but the kernels were all white. Today they seem more yellow and little bugs were getting in where I pulled it back so I harvested this cob. Will try to leave the others for a bit longer, esp. as we have cobs in the fridge from our local farmers market outlet store already!

Tomatoes are coming in! The Red Fig (a spontaneous purchase from the Diggers Club range at Bunnings) in the top photo (with spiders web in front) and my favourites, the Black Russian, only one has ripened so far and it had a grub in it! There are also Camp Joy Cherry tomatoes and Roma San Marzano's ripening, and the others are covered in green fruit still. 

The Giant Russian sunflowers are huge! I am not growing them for ourselves this year, but for the chooks... who will probably turn their noses up at having the get the seeds off the heads themselves!

We don't seem to have as many pumpkins on the vines this year so far, but I have now pinched the tips and have noticed more female flowers coming on... may need to go and hand pollinate too!

Asparagus. I've had asparagus seeds for a couple of years now, but never bothered to grow any, as I was told they take so long, you are best to buy 2 yr old crowns to plant. Well, we hadn't gotten around to organising a specific garden bed for asparagus yet, so didn't get to do it that way either. This year I threw some seeds in pots when I was potting up everything else and they did OK, so thought why not throw them in the garden bed near the clothes lines that I was wanting to make into a perenial garden bed. They seem to be doing just fine and even if it takes two or more years to start harvesting, well that's better than my effort at buying crowns & planting them anyways!

Mint that was from a fellow UHCer, but I am not quite sure which kind. We have an abundance of zuchini and squash coming in, plus some purple king beans and rattlesnake beans now too. I just pulled up a few beetroots, and pickled two big jars worth. The apricots have finished, the plums are being attacked by birds and driedfruit beetle, the nectarines were ruined by some sort of moth, then driedfruit beetle, which brought in brown mold as well! The raspberries has stopped as it's been hotter & drier for a few weeks, but hopefully they will start again in Autumn. Soon we'll have loads of tomatoes, but very few chillies and probably no capsicums. We've got a few culinary herbs too. Generally, the garden is productive and happy!