Wednesday, November 23, 2011

:: How Sweet It Is ::

Life, that is. I know some people may think that I don't appreciate the opportunities I have in life, but I do. Even when I feel frustrated or overwhelmed, I still know how lucky I am, and am grateful for everything I have (and the opportunity to work hard to have what we do)... I just need to debrief sometimes about the annoying feelings, so I can get back to doing all the good stuff! I also know I am my own worst enemy when it comes to being frustrated or overwhelmed, because I enjoy doing stuff, I love being busy, I love new ideas, I tackle new projects with relish, and have so many things on my 'Wish List'... I just sometimes end up disappointed and annoyed because I can't do it all. Oh, but there is so much good stuff to be involved in, or to try out, in this 'urban homesteading/ eco' life my family and I lead.

Taking things one step at a time is hard, esp. when I read blogs, books, articles or see ideas on Pinterest, and get all excited. Does that happen to you too? Talking about ideas, Pinterest is not the time-sucking or temptation-creating site like I thought it might be. I joined ages ago, then deleted my account thinking I spent enough time online & didn't want to end up in a Pintrance! Then I heard Green Bean talking about it and thought it can't be all bad, so joined again (having to use a different email address) and have found there are many positives for an organising/ fantasizing/ homesteading person like myself. I can't lose links like I was when bookmarking on Facebook. I am getting some great DIY, crafting and straight-up-clever ideas from it, as well as delicious real food recipes. I also like the 'fantasy' aspect of it, and even have a 'board' for stuff I'll probably never buy or wear or do, but it is a bit of harmless escapism fun! I don't spend a lot of time there, but it is a quick burst of inspiration or laughs, and well, it just looks pretty and neat... which appeals to me when nothing looks or feels pretty and neat in everyday life!

Ah, but of course, it is all perspective, isn't it. There will always be days when I feel old & bitter, grumpy & irritable, but more days of feeling blessed and happy. I have loads of gorgeous, wonderful, neat, organised, soul-satisfying things in my life. I have learnt to embrace simple living beauty and to take time out from things I enjoy but feel are necessary, for things that I enjoy and are perhaps not really that necessary at all! Like crocheting stars for our Christmas branches this year! Some days are all humdrum, work, tiredness and meh... finding the little pockets of sweetness are what keep me going. Whether it be calling my little boy's name and he looks up, and I pop an "I love you" at him... and now he says it back too, not so shy about saying it anymore! Or trying a recipe out for panzanella, something I've always wanted to make! Watching my daughter prance around in the new dress I just made her. Or walking around the garden, seeing baby zuchini, pumpkin, squash, raspberries, apples and tomatoes. That is sweet!

And how exciting, here is an interview about me and our urban homestead on The Praire Homestead blog!