Thursday, April 7, 2011

:: Read this Article :: Sharon Astyk - Adapting in Place ::

I know I just posted a big post yesterday that needs a couple of days to digest, but I read this great (make that fantastic!) article yesterday that I had to share:

Adapting in Place at Science Blogs

"It is partly about preparedness, both individual and community, partly about changing expectations, partly about achieving a kind of balance."

"In a way this may be the biggest question of all - how do we go on where we are with what we have in this new world? Moreover, how do we create a model of a life worth aspiring to that isn't destructive, that honestly takes a look at where we're going?"

It's too late to attend the Adapting in Place classes she is running online, check out the syllabus, so you'll have to wait for her next book like me!