Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lightbulb moment...

Sometimes, you need a little down time, a bit of a depressive episode even, to come out the other side, and feel motivated again. I realise my doom & gloom, me-me-me, moan and groan, rant and rave blogs put some people off... but I share those parts of my mind, because I want other people who may be going through, or have been through, a period like that to know it is normal to feel like that at times. That's just life in general, really, to have the up's and down's. The journey of living with purpose, and making changes to make a difference, is not always sunshine and happiness and satisfaction and community spirit and making changes for good... in fact, there can be a whole lot of misery involved, in seeing how the world, the creatures and the people are being affected.

But let that motivate you, I say, instead of bogging you down!

I have come out of being sick last week, and 'debriefing' about the things swirling in my mind, to find that the answer has been staring me in the face! I have always been very interested in permaculture, and have talked about wanting to learn more before on this blog. I did a weekend course of Backyard Food Growing with Permaculture Principles a while ago, but now, will look to do an Introduction to Permaculture course in September or November with Forest Edge Permaculture held nearby at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms. I would love to then do a Permaculture Design Course, and will plan that for 2011.

Then who knows where it might take me... instead of keeping on wondering whether a relocation might be in order, it would be better to stay where we are, make the most of what we have, and become the examples for others in urban areas, as a tree-change, to a farm or homestead is not going to be possible for everyone! The ideal would be in the next couple of years to establish our food forest garden and retrofit our house, take on a relocalisation lifestyle, perhaps become involved in the Permablitz, and Transition Town movements here. As we become more set up and involve permaculture principles into our lives, we may then start some open house/ garden tours, and help others to establish the same for themselves.

I am not rushing off on another challenge, or throwing myself into something new, because I truly know that won't help me, my health, my sanity, or my family. This is more like a lightbulb moment, where I have gained some clarity and focus, and now feel like I have a direction, even with an uncertain future on Earth. It won't be all smooth sailing and no doubt there will be some more 'debriefing' in the future, but when I am feeling unmotivated and hopeless, and like very little can be achieved, I will watch this video:

Oh, and I just read this great blog post too, and wanted to share: Living the Simple Life - Doom and Gloom to Action