Sunday, April 25, 2010

:: Oh, the Grumpkins, yes, they love to dance ::

Oh, the Grumpkins, yes, they love to dance
And wiggle their bottoms in their pants!
If you see them, what should you do?
Sneak up quietly and say "Boo!" (Grumpkins love to be surprised)

And, the Grumpkins, oh, they love to play
Exploring, singing and laughing all day
If you see them, what should you do?
Tickle their tummys and their feet too! (Grumpkins love to giggle)

The Grumpkins are two mischievious creatures, who love to hang out in Nature! There is Grumpkin Boy, in his stripey skivvy, shorts and satchel bag, who likes eating (esp. berries), is very good at jumping, and loves to be cheeky! Grumpkin Girl, in her stripey skivvy, pinafore and satchel bag, loves smelling flowers, can run fast, and loves to make up songs! They sleep in a bed of flowers and leaves, sing in the most beautiful voices, and eat lots of organic food.

They might try to lead little kids astray, and sometimes forget to look after nature properly, but kids always know the right thing to do! You know if a Grumpkin is playing a trick on you, because you can hear them giggling in the bushes! Kids can see Grumpkins, but not grown up's. Grumpkins love nature and looking after the Earth, though sometimes they need a little reminding... but who better to do that than your kids!

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