Saturday, October 3, 2009

:: Be Prepared :: What Am I Talking About?

I will apologise in advance for my blogs about the challenge this month. I am busy gardening and sorting out work on our backyard, amongst all the usual life things. But don't get me wrong, the Be Prepared things I want to sort out are important and I will be getting our emergency plan sorted.

Also, we are just joining a local Community fire Unit (CFU) that is being set up, attending training for it, and perhaps my husband may be team leader for it. Here is a link for NSW CFU's (where the idea started), if anyone is interested, and there may be other similiar set up's in other states/ countries. Yes, it requires some commitment, but it also means you get provided with PPE, plus training, and information to help protect your house. If we want our neighbours to help protect our house in a bushfire, we must be willing to do the same for them. CFU's are not about fighting fires (that's the fire brigades job) but doing preventative work, and assisting the fire brigade to do their job, by handling other issues, like spot fires and communication.

So, I just may not have time to do posts full of information & inspiration, more just what I am working on... anyways, back to it.

So, you want to Be Prepared for Immediate Emergency situations?

I am not talking about handling an uncertain economic future, possible food shortages, price rises, possible unemployment rates increasing, environmental issues etc. See more about that here.

I am also not talking about being prepared for Peak Oil/ Peak Water, Global Climate Change or any other longer term crisis that might come along, that you might want to consider some self sufficiency plans, more on that here.

Those are also important to me, and play a part in what in the Be Prepared Challenge this month. But, in regard to Immediate Emergencies, what I am talking about ranges from:

  • Simple things, like a broken window on a stormy day, or a blown fuse in the middle of the night, perhaps both parents/ carers (and kids) coming down with a bad flu, or a dust storm that keeps a family indoors for a few days.
  • Moderate issues, like threat of pandemic; natural disasters that temporarily disrupt power/ water/ facilities, or cause damage to your house; neighbourhood housefires, gas leak or any situation requiring evacuation
  • Major catastrophes (extreme, but do happen) like natural disaster (earthquake, tsunami, cyclones, bushfire, blizzards, floods etc.) or political situations (terrorist attack, disruption to global supply lines etc.) or actual pandemic (disrupting facilities, overwhelming hospitals, quarantining people)
I like to go along in life hoping these things don't happen, but being prepared as best as possible if they do. I will be back later, with a list of things I want to get sorted in my house and for my family.