Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Can Still Eat Chocolate! (Food Challenge Recruitment Part Two)

You can still eat chocolate as part of the September Challenge. But, it must be chocolate and chocolate products that are Slave free, Fair Trade and where possible, organic/ local!

Part One of the Recruitment here.

More about the Challenges for September here and here too!

Benefits of Slave Free/ Fair Trade ( & Organic/ Local) Chocolate

I'll keep this one short and sweet! This challenge will help you find out more about the unethical practices in cocoa bean production, the associated human rights issues, environmental impacts and possibly help your health and well being too! So do it...

Let us know if you want to participate, or just do it in your own time and space... this is a no pressure challenge, just do the best you can, but when you blog about it along the way, feel free to post the link here! I'd love to hear about the challenges you find, the recipes you try, reviews on the Fair Trade/ Slave Free chocolate you try, the benefits you notice, how well you are doing, anything really...

Some Links:

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Fair Trade Association - Australia & New Zealand

Amnesty International