Wednesday, April 23, 2008

:: Work Lunch Ideas ::

Taking your lunch to work saves on money and time... you, or your partner, will be the envy of your work colleagues with these ideas!
  • Leftovers fried rice, stir fries, curries, risotto’s, asian noodles, soup etc. all go well the next day...
  • Freezer meals, make up batches of lasagna, tortilla stack, pasta bake, curries, quiche, risotto, casseroles, vege bake, soups and freeze in individual re-useable containers
  • ‘Nachos’ Take a container of beans (or bean dip) or taco meat, with the sour cream, grated cheese and sweet chilli sauce on top. Take corn chips in a seperate container, and guacamole in another. You can assemble on a plate at work and microwave too them. Or heat the meat/ bean part and dip with the corn chips!
  • Soups great in cooler weather and easy to freeze. Have with a bread roll, or toasted sandwich. Make soup with beans/ rice/ noodles in it for a heartier meal! Take in a thermos, or heat at work.
  • Pita pockets or Wraps anything in a wrap tastes good! Use lavash bread, Mountain bread etc. and use traditional cold meat/ deli meat and salads. Or use leftovers, like chicken schnitzel or sausages, even stir fry. Great with cheese in them, and toasted, if you have a toaster maker at work.
  • Quesadillas (like toasted sandwiches, but done with tortillas)
  • ‘Baked’ potato (poke a washed potato with a fork or a sharp knife a few times on each side, then microwave for 3 to 4 minutes) with fillings made from leftovers or salad/ meat/ tuna, or even baked beans, with cheese
  • Savoury muffins, with Ham, cheese and semi dried tomato, or Zuchini and cheese, or Corn and Bacon, or try Pizza muffins with ham, salami, olives, tomato paste, cheese, pineapple pieces etc., using the large Texan muffin tins and liners
  • Mini quiches, frittatas or pasta bakes, again using the Texan muffin tins, plus you can make up batches and freeze
  • Vege pikelets or fritters, such as Corn and bacon, Zuchini and Fetta, with cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce
  • Chicken drumsticks marinade and bake
  • Mini meatloaf or slice of any 'Loafs' such as meatloaf, Vege loaf, Ham and rice loaf. Make them using the Texan muffin tins, for individual serves
  • Meatballs (chicken or beef, eaten hot or cold with dipping sauce) Can be cooked and frozen.
  • Scotch eggs, boiled eggs with a mince meat coating, then fried/ baked
  • Samosas using puff pastry, or spring roll paper (you can make them using left over curry, mashed vege's or chopped up stir fry) and bake in the oven, or freeze them uncooked so you can easily defrost and bake some when needed
  • Vege bake, or quiche, or frittata’s Take a wedge or make them in muffin tins for individual serves. Eat cold or warm up, and take a side salad... you can freeze this too.
  • Salads, like pasta salad, rice salad or potato salad, make fresh and take over a couple of days, or use the left over pasta, rice etc. and just throw in a small tin of corn kernels and one of diced capsicum, some grated cheese, maybe a small tin of mixed beans, and some dressing!
  • Fresh spring rolls using rice paper rounds, grilled meat or cold meat strips, a mixed salad with tangy dressing
  • Sushi Make your own sushi rolls using sliced ham or fried tofu instead of salmon, and some carrot, cucumber and capsicum strips.
  • Won ton cups with fillings. Make the won ton cups and store in an airtight container. Take some to work, and in a separate container take the filling, such as Chicken, avocado and cucumber, or Ham, cheese and semidried tomato
  • Puff pastry scrolls make ‘palmiers’ or pinwheels with fillings like Spinach and feta, Ham, cheese and tomato, or Semi dried tomato and olive
  • Rice balls, Lentil or Vege patties Make suppli (risotto balls) or patties, cook and freeze. Can be eaten hot or cold with a salad, or put them into wraps
  • Mini pizzas using mini pizza bases, or halved English muffins and the usual toppings, or some gourmet tapa’s style toppings. Great cold, or reheated the next day.